Course Schedule and Syllabi

In recent years, we have customarily posted the course schedule and syllabi on the department website. Because the schedule is frequently updated, and syllabi are continuously revised, we are abandoning this practice to ensure you are directed to the most current information.

To access the current schedule login to panthersoft.

Most instructors now post their syllabi on their own websites or Canvas webpage. As a result, this page will now be used to host only the syllabi for instructors who do not have their own website. If you do not see the syllabus you need on this page, then check the web directories for our faculty, adjunct instructors, and graduate student instructors.

Syllabi are usually available here just about the time the semester begins.

Summer 2024

ECO2013Principles of MacroeconomicsTatsiana Akulich
ECO2013Principles of MacroeconomicsCanan Balkir
ECO2013 (U01C)Principles of MacroeconomicsJaime Medina
ECO2013 (U3MC)Principles of MacroeconomicsJaime Medina
ECO2013Principles of MacroeconomicsEdith Sallah
ECO2023Principles of MicroeconomicsBadi Sabet
ECO2023Principles of MicroeconomicsSwati Sharma
ECO3101Intermediate MicroeconomicsGali Lefkowitz
ECO4100Managerial EconomicsDemet Yilmazkuday
ECO4903Undergraduate SeminarCanan Balkir
ECO4903Undergraduate SeminarJi Gu
ECO4934Special Topics: Development EconomicsNorihiko Matsuda
ECP3203Labor EconomicsIrma Alonso
ECS3021Women, Culture, and Economic DevelopmentIrma Alonso
ECS3431Economics of the Caribbean BasinIrma Alonso