Pallab Mozumder


Joint with the Department of Earth & Environment
Office: Marc 351, (305) 348-7146

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PhD: University of New Mexico, 2005
Joined the Economics faculty in 2009
Fields: Environmental and natural resource economics

Research Interests

Dr. Mozumder’s research focuses on environmental and natural resource economics, coastal resource management and interdisciplinary approaches in addressing complex environmental issues. He is interested in understanding the human dimensions of environmental changes and mitigation of natural hazards and disasters. Understanding human behavior in the face of environmental changes and prudent decision-making in managing natural resources are recurrent themes of his research.

Selected Publications

Provision of a Wildfire Risk Map: Informing Residents in the Wildland Urban Interface [with R. Helton and R. Berrens], Risk Analysis, 29(11):1588-1600 (2009).

Willingness to Pay for Safe Drinking Water: Evidence from Parral, Mexico [with Vásquez, W., J. Hernández-Arce, and R. Berrens], Journal of Environmental Management, 90(11): 3391-3400 (2009).

Private Transfers to Cope with a Natural Disaster: Evidence from Bangladesh [with A. Bohara, R. Berrens and N. Halim], Environment and Development Economics, 14 (2): 187-210 (2009).

Investigating Intended Evacuation from Wildfires in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Application of a Bivariate Probit Model [with N. Raheem, J. Talberth and R. Berrens], Forest Policy and Economics, 10 (6): 415-423 (2008).

Role of Information and Communication Networks in Malaria Survival [with A. Marathe], Malaria Journal, 6:136 (2007).

Inorganic Fertilizer Use and Biodiversity Risk: An Empirical Investigation [with R. Berrens ], Ecological Economics, 62(3-4): 538-543 (2007).

Investigating Hypothetical Bias: Induced Value Tests of Referendum Voting Mechanism with Uncertainty [with R. Berrens ], Applied Economics Letters, 14 (10): 705-709 (2007).

Lease and Fee based Hunting on Private Lands in the U.S.: A Review of the Economic and Legal Issues [with M. Starbuck, R. Berrens and S. Alexander], Human Dimensions of Wildlife/, 12 (1): 1-14 (2007).

Causality Relationship between Electricity Consumption and GDP in Bangladesh [with A. Marathe], Energy Policy, 35 (1): 395–402 (2007).

Is There an Environmental Kuznets Curve for the Risk of Biodiversity Loss? [with R. Berrens and A. Bohara], Journal of Developing Areas, 39 (2): 175-190 (2006).