Mahadev Bhat


Joint with the Department of Earth & Environment
Office: ECS 333, (305) 348-1210
Fax: (305) 348-6137


PhD: University of Tennessee, 1991
Joined the faculty in 1997
Fields: Environmental economics

Research Interests

My current research focuses on issues related to economics of coastal resource management, human dimension issues of the South Florida environment, and spatial economics of natural resources. The common theme that spans my research works is the application of ecological-economics approach to environmental problem solving. This approach drastically departs from the conventional economic approach and attempts to integrate ecological and economic principles into a holistic decision-making framework, in order to promote a more sustainable resource management. I use quantitative modeling tools such as spatial-temporal optimal control models, game-theoretic models, and econometric tools to simulate the dynamic interactions between different ecological and economic sub-systems of a resource or problem under investigation. Such a modeling approach provides policy makers with more objective insights into the policy making process.

Selected Publications

Considering Aquacultural Externality in Coastal Land Allocation Decisions in India [with R. Bhatta], Environmental and Resource Economics, 29(1):1-20 (2004).

Institutions, Incentives and Resource Use Conflicts: The Case of Biscayne Bay, Florida [with A. Stamatiades], Population and Environment, 26(4) (2003).

Application of Non-Market Valuation to the Florida Keys Marine Reserve Management, Journal Environmental Management, 67(4):315-325 (2003).

On Biodiversity Access, Intellectual Property Rights, and Conservation, Ecological Economics, 29(3):391-403 (1999).

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The Flexible Planting Program: Divergent National and Regional Economic Impacts, International Journal of Public Administration, 18(1):149-165 (1995).

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