WATE Schedule

WATE-Florida 2023


Florida International University




Welcome-8:50-9:00am at GC #243

Organizing Committee: Mihaela Pintea (chairperson), Berrak Bahadir, Norihiko Matsuda, Nicholas Wright, Hakan Yilmazkuday


Parallel Sessions   -          9:00am-10:30am

Session 1.1 Economic Theory 1       at GC #286

  • Indicator Choice in Pay-for-Performance, Majid Mahzoon (mahzoon@ucf.edu), Ali Shourideh, Ariel Zetlin-Jones
  • The Art of Waiting, Vasundhara Mallick, Ece Teoman-Session Chair (eteoman@fiu.edu)


Session 1.2 Development 1   at GC #276

  • Natural disasters support authoritarian populism: Evidence from the Brazilian shrimp vote, Diogo Baerlocher, Renata Caldas (renatad@usf.edu) Francisco Cavalcanti, Rodrigo Schneider
  • In the Hot Seat: Does Temperature During and Exam Impact Secondary Students Performance? Nicholas A. Wright (nicwrigh@fiu.edu), Alvin E. Harris
  • The welfare effects of mobile broadband internet: Evidence from Nigeria, Kalvin Bahia, Pau Castells, Genaro Cruz, Takaaki Masaki, Xavier Pedros, Tobias Pfutze-Session Chair (tpfutze@fiu.edu), Carlos Rodriguez-Castelan, Hernan Winkler


Coffee Break         -          10:30am-10:45am     at GC #243


Parallel Sessions   -          10:45am-12:15pm

Session 2.1  Econometrics               at GC #276

  • Nonparametric Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Models with Weak Separability, Samuele Centorrino, Christopher F. Parmeter (c.parmeter@miami.edu)
  • Raising the Bar for Monte Carlo Simulation, Scott Kostyshak (skostyshak@ufl.edu)
  • A Note on Identification in the Multinomial Probit Model in the Presence of Weak Correlation, Murat K. Munkin-Session Chair (mmunkin@usf.edu)


Session 2.2  Macroeconomics 1       at GC #286

  • The U.S. Economy After COVID-19: The Transmission Mechanisms of Monetary Policy, Manuel S. Santos, Miguel A. Iraola (m.iraolaguzman@miami.edu)
  • Cyclical Policies of Fiscal Policy with an Extension to the Political Cycle, Zhigang Feng (zfeng@unomaha.edu), Manuel Santos
  • Small Business Lending and Household Credit Shocks, Berrak Bahadir- Session Chair (bbahadir@fiu.edu), Inci Gumus, Matthew Schaffer


Session 2.3  Labor and Health Economics  at GC #280

  • Do Misperceptions about Medicare Coverage Explain Low Demand for Long Term Care Insurance? Padmaja Ayyagari (padmajaa@usf.edu), Daifeng He, Jingxin Nie
  • Tax Incentives and Local Business Ownership: Evidence from the Florida Enterprise Zone Program, Jamie Bologna Pavlik, Amir B. Ferreira Neto, Juan Tomas Sayago Gomez (juantomas.sayago@gmail.com)
  • COVID-19 Lockdown and Neonatal Mortality: Evidence from India, Erdal Asker, Shatakshee Dhongde, Abu S. Shonchoy-Session Chair (shonchoy@fiu.edu)


Lunch   -      12:15pm-1:30pm                  at GC #243


 Parallel Sessions   -          1:30pm-3:00pm

Session 3.1  Public Economics           at GC #276

  • Corruption, the Ability to Pay, and the Cost of Breaking the Law, Leonidas Koutsougeras, Manuel S. Santos, Fei Xu (fei.xu@umu.se)
  • Effects of Residential Self- Taxing Districts on Urban Surface Water Quality, Andrew Hutchens (aphutche@ncsu.edu), David Scrogin
  • Do Businesses “Vote with their Feet” Too? Examining Firm Mobility in Response to Hurricane Risk, Rushaine Goulbourne, Freddie Mac, Amir B. Ferreira Neto -Session Chair (aborgesferreiraneto@fgcu.edu), Amanda Ross


Session 3.2  Development  2   at GC #280

  •  The Impact of Crime Exposure on Academic Performance: Evidence From High School Students in Jamaica, Alvin E. Harris (alvin.harris@boj.org.jm), Nicholas A. Wright
  • Unintended Effects of Aerial Spraying of Glyphosate Illicit Crops. Evidence from Colombia, Anderson Tami (atami003@fiu.edu)
  • Old-age Income and Intimate-Partner Violence, Cristina Belles-Obrero, Giulia La Mattina -Session Chair (glamattina@usf.edu), Han Ye


Session 3.3  Economic Theory  2  at GC #286

  •  A theory of lobbying in procurement, Roberto Burguet (rburguet@ucf.edu), József Sákovics
  • One sellers care about buyer care, identity and usage, Eric Schmidbauer (eric.schmidbauer@ucf.edu)
  • Interrogation and Disclosure of Evidence, Jesse Bull-Session Chair (bullj@fiu.edu)


Coffee Break         -          3pm-3:15pm  at GC #243


Parallel Sessions   -          3:15pm-4:45pm

Session 4 .1 Macroeconomics and Trade  at GC #276

  •  Old But Gold: Historical Pathways and Path Dependence, Diogo Baerlocher (baerlocher@usf.edu), Diego Firmino, Guilherme Lambais, Eustaquio Reis, Henrique Veras
  • Sectorial Linkages and the Costs and Benefits of Negotiating Free-Trade Agreements, Shubhi Agarwal, Hamid Firooz, Gunnar Heins (gheins@ufl.edu)
  • The Fragility and Resilience of Nations, Cem Karayalcin –Session Chair (karayalc@fiu.edu), Harun Onder


Session 4.2 Education Economics  at GC #286

  • From C- to F: Examining the Impact of College Grade Change Policies on Academic Performance and Behavior, Durronjae Boothe (durronjae30boothe@gmail.com), Nicholas Wright
  • Quality of Online Instruction and Instructor Experience, Xi Zang (cathyzx@ufl.edu), Ann Atwater
  • Stay-at-Home Peer Mothers and Gender Norms: Short-run Effects on Educational Outcomes, Liwen Chen, Bobby W. ChungSession Chair (bobbywchung@usf.edu), Guanghua Wang


Social hour


This conference is generously sponsored by the Dorothea Green Lecture Series at Steven J. Green School of International and Global Affairs