The department offers opportunities for graduate study at both the Master's and Doctoral Level.

Details of both the MA and Ph.D. programs can be found in the Handbook of Graduate Studies. A summary of the programs can also be found in the Graduate brochure.

The department also offers a combined BA/MA in economics. FIU undergraduates considering applying to graduate schools should seriously consider this program.


Fall 2016

Course number Course Title Instructor
ECO7207 Macroeconomic Theory II Sheng Guo

Spring 2015

Course number Course Title Instructor
ECO7115 Microeconomic Theory I Kaz Miyagiwa
ECO7206 Macroeconomic Theory I Cem Karayalcin
ECO7426 Econometrics III Prasad Bidarkota
ECO7705 International Trade Theory Kaz Miyagiwa